Interm crit pres



Final Video

Post production

Relying on post production I the worst thing to do as sometimes shots cannot be saved and the time  and effort used is costly. Here Lookaly I just used it for small changes but reviewing shots straight after shooting is a must as the little screens on the camera dont show all, and you need to know if it is suitable for say if you want to place text on it ect.

Workflow two

Keeping with the workflow I started editing and then when I got to a place that needed special editing I open would up after effect then edit it and replace it in in spot in the video.

This type of workflow is very useful as sometimes things need to be changed at short notice so by using this methode I could just open after effects and change something and just place it back in final cut.

Work flow one

One thing I tried to do is keep my workflow as professional as posible so when all the clips were finished I opened up Final cut and sorted out the good from the bad, using naming conventions from my story board all the way to final edit. This makes every thing a lot easier when you are having to edit and then re-edit in after effects.

Sound test Location


One day after all the animatic and story boarding I went out to find location and do some test shots and sound tests.

Shot Breakdowns

Now that I had my animatic sorted it was time to go collect the things I needed