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Production: Visual Language

Date: 14/02/11


On the whole I am happy more with myself that I was able to complete and to finish this brief to the required standard. The whole brief was to create Digital images that were fit for a purpose and not only to create but to be able to follow a process of development and to be able to document and show this process. The first part of the brief was to really acquire the skills to be able to complete the brief such as inductions and the royal armoires visit, which allowed us to have a go with cameras and to practise with our sketch book. The second part of the Brief was for use to demonstrate our skills and to create things using a creative criterion much like what a customer would have in the actual industry. The third part of the brief was for use to shore our development so the tutors could see our thinking behind our ideas.

The Verdict

This brief has really opened my eyes and made me realise the direction in that my work needs to go, in order for me to become a more productive worker, and also to lower the stress and anxiety I put myself though trying to achieve finished pieces of work by using my weaknesses. I find that I pre Judge my work and the standard that my work is and has to be by comparing it to other peoples work, as it is my work a cannot give a balanced opinion on how good it is/isn’t. As my work is my own, to me it will probably never seem good enough or one hundred percent finished as it needs an outside opinion to really see the finished product. An example of this is I had seen quite a lot of other students previous work that had been digitally painted, and it looked really good and very professional; so I thought I want my work to be that good so I decided to try doing a digital painting. By trying to do this it did not work as I was trying achieve something though one of my weaknesses, which was drawing. As I am not a naturally talented drawer, by trying to copied that particular style just led to me becoming frustrated. I then started to do some image manipulation which I did quite happily in a short period of time, but because I found this easy and I knew how easy it was for me to come up with the image I did not feel it would be seen as artistic, creative or impressive as the other digitally painted work. I then realised that image manipulation is one of my strengths and that my straights are my greatest assists and if I use them I will eventually end up with my own style. When I am doing a piece of work I have to impress myself before I think it will impress anybody else, it is not something I do intentionally but I see myself going into a industries and I always look at my work and question whether it would be good enough for it.

If I were to do any of these units again I would try to keep the brief a little simpler and have realised that it doesn’t take a ridicules amazing piece of work to be impressive or good just as long as it’s original. I would definitely not try an create and develop an idea so much that I know is really getting nowhere, and that an idea that fits the brief and does the job is worth a lot more than soothing amazingly artistic that does not fit the brief or is not finished.




Final Studio Breif

This is my final studio brief with a power point of the development.

Presentation of development

This is my final piece of work.

Brief 4 Character design examples

Her are some character design sheets from different animations and games.  All characters whether there are for a game or animation all start off at similar points, to start off they all have to have a reason a back storie to who they are and why there are to be developed, this gives the designer key focal points for the character eg. ethnicity, religion and culture.  Once they have these they  are ready to research about these elements in order to apply and develop there character.  Also when designing a character they will need to take into consideration what the is going to be used for as a character for a mobile phone game will not need to be highly detailed as phone are not able to display such detail.


It is quite amazing how a simple sketch or concept can turn into a full animation or 3 dimensional walking taking character, that can portray emotion. Below are example of concept art that go into make a master piece and without this though and development process then it most likely would not have become reality.



Below you are able to see the processes from sketch to final finished work of the main character in Grand Theft Auto 3

Studio brief 3 other relevant examples of Digital Photography.

The above images are excellent examples of the use of the Depth of field and how it can be use to change the focal point within the picture. As you can see the first image wants you to look at the clown and see the emotion that he is going though, were as the image below that one wats you to look at the who scenery and look at all its beauty.

example of blurred water taken with slow shutter speed

example of fast shutter speed

The two images above show how the use of shutter speed can be used to create an overall effect on an image when photographing water, with a slow shutter speed you see the river as one free flowing object but when you have a fast shutter speed you can see each individual droplet.

Images are not just the use of depth of field of different techniques and special effects that make and image a good image, an image even the simplest of images can tell a story. They do not tell a physical story they let you imagen an interpret in your own way what is going on, the feelings of the people in the image, thats why they are so special as you will never 100% know the true meanings behin the image so it.

Brief 5 – Character Environment

For this uni we were asked to create a environment for our last character to inhabit.

For me to come to end up with my final image I knew that my character was from the west somewhere round the Egyptian area of Africa to the Afghanistan side of Asia. So I know my location, by looking in this location I looked at the different styles that come from around that area which genially are made of mud or similar substances, Because I knew where the house was to be i then knew the style and the sorts of textures I would use.

Studio Brief 4

Name:                                       (The Shadow – Antagonist)
Physical Description
My character will be tall with a very poor and starving look about him. He will have very skinny legs with a potbelly from being starved, also my character is comes from a war torn environment so there will be some military characteristics about him e.g. gas mast and also a big heavy bag to simulate the burden upon his shoulders. His ethnic appearance will be somewhere from the middle east.
Character Traits
Common character traits that my will communicate will be lots of anger and hatred. My character will be very extreme in his ways very deluded by their opinion not open to negotiation. He will be very down and very sad with not a glisten of hope.

Character Shee

Character Background
My character is from the war torn middle east and is one of the next generation that know not of the start of the war and cannot see the end but only know of the war. They were born into a unstable country were people kill each other every day, all they know or is violence and it is this violence that they have learnt that has helped him survive. He wander and scavenges for food every day, brain wash of the true beginnings of the war and the reasons for the war are not so clear as stories change overtime.As if you are from a country that has nothing, you are starving, people rape and torments your family and someone says they is a better way, they is a way out. That person is going to be so desperate that they will try anything to get out of the situation they are in even if it is wrong. It may be wrong to use but it may only seem far to them as they are on this planet and just trying to survive just like everyone else, survival of the fittest humane or not politically correct wont put food on the table.
Family Background Habits / Vices
Son of an extremist al-QaidaMovement. 

Acts a bit like someone from hills have eyes, slightly more intelligent. 

Always in a state of sadness.

Education Personality
Combat Training, a man only purpose is to fight they know no other purpose. Very dull, rarely speaks more like a visual representation of an emotion then a person.
Likes Dislikes




Breif 3

To Veiw Studio Breif 3 click the link below, in studio brief 3 I talk about depth of field ect.

Studio Brief 3