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Cinema and DVD

The time for a dvd to be released after the cinema release is sixth months, but why would people buy a dvd if they have already seen the film?

The DVD’s are release six months after the film is at the cinemas, as people genrally only see the film at the cinemas once, and to see it again so soon would be a wast of money when you can just watch it on dvd over and over again for around the same price. Other things that attract people to buy the DVD is that they are getting there own personal copy of the film that is theres, also you can then watch it again whenever you fancy.

Film companies know that people will buy there DVD especially if someone is a fan, so they add things like Limited or extended edition’s that are more expensive , and costumers will often buy these as they see as if they are getting something extra, that maybe know one else has.


Some people often go to the cinema as they may not be able to afford the latest advances such as 3d capabilities, others see it as a day out. Other people would prefer to stay at home and save mony by buying a dvd to watch over and over again and stay out of the hustle and bustle of going to the cinema.


Individual Film production

Here are the primary ideas for my individual film production, so far i have an initial brainstorm, story board and internal film poster.

Group production

These are the desired location for our chase scene, when filmed it will be early morning very dark and dingy to create atmospheric emotion.