This is so when Filming I had a better understanding of what I was trying to achieve, this also helps when editing for such this as timing ect.


Finalised Idea

I then took the Idea and made a finalised Idea that i could story board, I changed some of the shots as they did not seem practical. Now that i had a finalised shot I new exactly what I was shooting and what I needed.

Idea two

I then took this idea and refined it to fill in some of the blanks, so that I would get a better idea of what needed to be filmed and if it was realistic to achieve.

Idea one

So basically after seeing all this inspiration I came up with the idea that I was going to tell a story of how paper is used every day, this was going to be done in a similar sort of way of the powerade advertisement. In the story I wanted to tell the tory of a tree from planting to use to planting again, as paper from portugal as all about recycling I wanted it to show the more you use paper the better.

Practical Camera use


Now the best videos are the ones were there is no need for post production, director Michel Gondry shows use how to do this in this practical demonstration.

Michel gondry

Now for Transitions and cleaver camera work Michel Gondry is the man, actually thinking of transitions is quite hard but when you see some you start to think why the hell did I not think of that its simple.

Behind the scenes


Here is a behind the scenes shot of one of the powerade advertisements and for such a simple advertisement the scale and manpower used is unbelievable. With all this help though getting the perfect shot will be a lot easier fror them, but for me who is working alone have I got my work cut out.