In the paper from portugal brief it wanted me to show how paper is used in every day life, from the office to the art room, so I needed some inspiration on how to make my commercial flow. Now in this powered advertisement you see the bottel being passed on many time and to make it flow they have just used simple camera movements, as I am doing this mostly on my own I need to keep things simple.


First Brain Storm


Here I read the paper from portugal brief and gathered all the information for what they required in the end video, do dont ect.

Advertising logo

As I wish to go into some form of TV advertising and for this modal we have to create a logo, I thought it would be useful to see how a larger companies such as Sony does it logo development.

All logos for any brand are very colourfull and eye catching.

CGI Vs A Good Story

The picture above is of the new Battleships (2012) movie that every one is taking about, but is good GCI all a film needs to be successful, do we not care about the story of a film or is the CGI a cover up for the fact they could not think of a decent script. This film looks like it will make a lot of money off curious people but the main part of the profits of films comes from DVD sales and merchandise, so is big visual effects the way to go.

  Were as a film such as 21 Jump Street (2012) have made over $100 million without the big focus on CGI, but would the likes of Terminator 2 (1991) or Jurassic park (1993) have been so successful without the GCI? There have also being many flops with the latest being the John Carter (2012), but maybe it is not the GCI that captivates us the most but the practical and original uses of it.

Key Points about the UK FILM Industary

– The core UK film employees around 33500 people (2006)

-59% of the production workforce are university educated and another 23% have a graduate level of education.

-The UK Film contributes greatly to the expression of culture within the county.

-Films showing the UK attract around 1 in 10 tourists spending around £1.8 Billion

– Overall the Core Uk films industry contributed £4.3 Billion to the UKs GPD in 2006.

– The UK Film Industry is one of the greenest and produces a very small Carbon footprint.

-Without a tax relief the UK film industry would be 75% smaller.

Cinema Vs DVD

The Film industry gains more revenue though its DVD sales then it does though sales of Cinema tickets, the average person person buys more DVD then Cinema tickets. Cinema admissions in 2006 averaged at 2.6 per head while DVD sales averaged at 3.8 per head with films DVD count for 72% of DVD this means the figure is 2.7 film DVD per head. This is not surprising we see so many film head straight to DVD as the sales generated are larger and DVD is still around standard definition so it would cut the cost of having to purchase HD cameras.


(Oxford Economics)


We all love it when a film comes out we like and we have the mouse mat the key chain anything to do with it we have it , the mechanising industry alone is almost as big as the UK film industry alone.

According to a Oxford Economics report the turnover from merchandising associated with UK film but not the film industry itself was around £345 million in 2006., and DVD sales were worth around only £135 million with DVD rentals at £45 million.

These sale supporting around 7000 jobs in 2006 and contributed around £235 million to the UK GDP.