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Importing from Illustrator to Maya 2012

First of all create what ever it is you want in Illustrator, here I have created a some text.


Go to save as and save it as a Illustator eps file.

So that it works in Maya 2012 in the eps option select eps 8.


You will have to do it one letter at a time, select in the bevel plus option in the surface option menu. Just make sure that the at start and at end are ticked and it is turned into polygons not Nurbs, then change the extrusion values ect.



How to import Video (image sequence) in Maya

In this tutorial I am going to import an image sequence in to Maya and then have it reflect off of a object.

First of all place your footage into after effects and render it out as a image sequence, Jpeg or Tiff for better quality.

Create a New Blinn in the Hyper shader

– Turn down diffuse

-Eccentricity down to around 0.095

-Specular role off type 1.2

-Specular colour to white

-Reflective to 0.95

-Apply this to your object, and it will be reflective.

To Import an image sequence into Maya simple create a new Lambert and in the colour channel add a file. In the file menu select the first image out of your image sequence and there is a little tick box that says use image sequence tick that and the frame offset to -1.

Then turn up the ambience and apply this to a separate object, so this will display your image sequence like plane, I used a cylinder. You may find that you will have to adjust the uvmap so you Image sequence is not distorted.  When you come come to render use mental ray and turn on Raytracing.

So that the object does not render out select the object and in the attributes under render stats turn off the appropriate as show in the pic.


As when we leave this course we are more likely to go Freelance I found this usefully website offering work for 3d modellers ect, this could pose usefully just to gain some experience to show a company, as it will look as you are very interested in the subject.

New Console

After much speculation about the new Grand Theft Auto it has led many people to believe that it will not becoming out this year, it is said that it may come out next year on a next generation console. There are many rummers at the moment that a new generation console will be coming out from Microsoft, most of this was just speculation until Rockstar and also Treyarch posted jobs for environmental artist for next generation consoles.

Now you might ask what does this have to do with us, well for any one going into the games industry this could pose some big questions, for example what does this mean for use. What are we going to have to do differently that we are not doing already to stand out form the crowed, are these companies using new software that we don’t know about, as they also want to be ahead of the competition, but will this as student leave use behind.

Audio Wave Tutorial

First of all you will need an audio file to work with, open your After effect document and right click in the timeline and create a new white solid.

Add the Audio Spectrum and the Audio Waveform to the white solid layer.

Then import your audio file and change the Audio layer option to your sound file.

Preview your file or scrub the timeline and there you have it.

You are also able to draw a mask and on the option on the audio spectrum and audio wave form choose mask in the path options, this will make it  follow the path.

You are also able to mix effects to create new effects.

Independent day (what a shame)

There are reports that the next Independence day film will not have Will Smith in it, he has apparently asked for $50million to shoot Independence day 2 and 3 but he got rejected as this was too much. Now it is a shame that in this world every thing is run on money because if you are a very big fan then the fact that the lead character will not be in the sequel will just change all the story and the feel of the film, as a fan expecting and wanting certain things you will feel rather let down and disappointed.


Interactive Televsion

In this modern world the television is not the television any more it is smart, it lets you watch catchup shows and stream films straight to it, but these televisions are still very expensive.

I was unable to find the actual video footage of this but it is on Youtube somewhere and bill gates is taking about the tablet computer. In this video Bill gates talks greatly on how he believes that one day there will be a box under the Television that will do everything, the centre of the home. Now with the Nintendo Wii U coming out and this showing the next generation of entertainment, which shows how you can use it to browse the internet and have it as a screen to show inventory in games, it is no wonder there are rummers that Microsoft is developing the xbox 720 to have a controller with a screen. This Box under the television that has the capability is what Microsoft want to create, they have already started with the ability to get apps on the Xbox 360.

Even apple is realising the the television is expanding and they are testing different concepts on the Ipad working with the television as a seperate controller, or media device. Just think your watching a news report and reading about it at the same time because your tablet is synced with your television, it  is the same principle but just put too us in a different way. All the companies no that the one entertainment box is the way forward and it is simply who gets there first.