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Interactive Televsion

In this modern world the television is not the television any more it is smart, it lets you watch catchup shows and stream films straight to it, but these televisions are still very expensive.

I was unable to find the actual video footage of this but it is on Youtube somewhere and bill gates is taking about the tablet computer. In this video Bill gates talks greatly on how he believes that one day there will be a box under the Television that will do everything, the centre of the home. Now with the Nintendo Wii U coming out and this showing the next generation of entertainment, which shows how you can use it to browse the internet and have it as a screen to show inventory in games, it is no wonder there are rummers that Microsoft is developing the xbox 720 to have a controller with a screen. This Box under the television that has the capability is what Microsoft want to create, they have already started with the ability to get apps on the Xbox 360.

Even apple is realising the the television is expanding and they are testing different concepts on the Ipad working with the television as a seperate controller, or media device. Just think your watching a news report and reading about it at the same time because your tablet is synced with your television, it  is the same principle but just put too us in a different way. All the companies no that the one entertainment box is the way forward and it is simply who gets there first.