Movie Flops

Now with films it is very difficult to predict whether your film will be a flop or not, as you would not have gone into production with out having some idea of the end result. Now maybe film is just like fashion its not whether the film is god or not just whether it is the right time for it.

Now the most recent flop is Disney’s John Carter with estimated losses of $200 million, making it one of the biggest flops in cinema history.  This first quarter alone could have the film set to loose them $80-120 million with there shares down 1%. It is estimated that John Carter cost around $250 million to make, and that Disney may have spent another $100 million on marketing. Now with a big company like Disney it is very hard to believe that they would make a film that is possibly going to be a flop,  did they not read the script. Now the advertisement said it was Avatar (2010) for another generation now with Avatar (2010) being so goo were are expectations too high or were we just not in the mood for this one.

I personal do see some films and think how the hell did they even get made, they were terrible and a wast of money. Unfortunately we don’t see the side of things and the reason maybe because, it sounds like an interesting film and we could make a good trailer, so this means by the time all the curious people come and see this film we will have made a profit.  we just don’t know as all films are there to make a profit but some times money spinners just make us feel ripped off.


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