Media Specificity

As you will see very often when new technologies come out they seem to mimic the old ones quite a lot, for example when cars came out they still resembled the cart. So could this be the same with Film, Tv and advertising, as we are now not just watching film on the television is the way TV programs are shot, the way advertisments are conceived from how can we get the message across to our audience changing. As you well know the likes of BBC Iplayer and Youtube are changing the way we watch Film and television so are the fundamentals changing or just the way we view them.

To really criticise a medium you have to say does it does it achieve its potential within the bounders that it has. (Gothold Ephraim Lessing 1966 essay  “contends that an artwork, in order to be successful, needs to adhere to the specific stylistic properties of its own medium.”. ) The problem with this is as Michel Fried 1966 essay ‘art and objecthood ‘  agues that as people who started painting just simple shapes and illusions are breaking the norms of painting as before the limitations of painting were that you had clay that dryed very fast and you were only able to paint specific things, therefore breaking the specifics of the media as it now has new bowndrys.

We are able to see this in today’s art forms as videography is now watched on so many platforms that it has opened up its boundrys, as the new tip-ex advertisement allows you to change the ending of the video, doing this by selecting another video by HTML word recognition.     

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