The Socio cultural tradition and The Simularca and simulation Theory

This is the Idea that you are defined by your identity whether this is Catholic, student or just part of a social group and that you may have your own norms and values.

The roles and rules are worked out interactively within the community and to an outsider they may not understand the meaning, and they could see the act in a whole different meaning. So as such acts could be interpreted to mean something else to an outsider this would mean that the way you think is determined by the people you socialise with as you with. So this could be related to the sign and symbols within film as now with the videographer creating videos for such things as the internet that are viewed not only by one culture or a specific coulture it can be accessed by anyone who has he internet, does this mean they have to change the thought process of how they create a video advertisement as different cultures have different semiotics.

The simulacra and simulation theory

The simulacra and simulation theory could disagree with this, to understand how you first need to understand about reality. First map makers wanted very detailed maps and even to this day google maps is not one hundred percent accurate as a map of my bedroom would consist of if specific my phones position, but the Position of my phone will change very frequently so if the map was in real time then which is reality? Me moving the phone and seeing its position or looking at the map, as you can see the line between reality is becoming finer. The Story of Santa clause really defines this points as in Europe were the story’s originated he was a very mischievous character, but Coke Cole in america came across theses story’s and made there own interpretations of Santa Clause, the point being that copies of copies of copies don’t in the end represent the really thing any more, so this is stating that because of this do the semiotics from 50 years ago still mean the same now.

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