Set Driven Keys Maya

In this tutorial I will go though a basic set driven key, this is were you create your own attribute.

Here I would like my aliens eye to open and close, for this I will need my own attribute so when the the value is say -10 it will be closed and when it is 10 it will be open.

-First the Attribute has to be placed in something here I have chosen A Nurb Circle.

You then need to go to Modify > Add Attribute. The Attribute window will come up next, I have named this Eye open and have a value of -10 and 10.

Next you will go to Animate > Set driven Key > Set. Select the the Nurb circle as the driver and as I want to it to controle the eyelids I select these as the driven.


For the next part I will have to click on my Nurb circle in the driver and on the attribute I have created. Move the attribute in the attribute editor to -10 and press key. Then select the object here I have my eye and I want it to start at a closed position, so in the rotation I have keyed X. In the driven box the rotation x is to the right of the object name, then the process is repeated for the eye open. Select the Nurb circle in driver and then the attribute move the attribute this time to 10, then click on the attribute for the object here I have chosen to animate rotation x but now I will key this in a closed position.

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