How to import Video (image sequence) in Maya

In this tutorial I am going to import an image sequence in to Maya and then have it reflect off of a object.

First of all place your footage into after effects and render it out as a image sequence, Jpeg or Tiff for better quality.

Create a New Blinn in the Hyper shader

– Turn down diffuse

-Eccentricity down to around 0.095

-Specular role off type 1.2

-Specular colour to white

-Reflective to 0.95

-Apply this to your object, and it will be reflective.

To Import an image sequence into Maya simple create a new Lambert and in the colour channel add a file. In the file menu select the first image out of your image sequence and there is a little tick box that says use image sequence tick that and the frame offset to -1.

Then turn up the ambience and apply this to a separate object, so this will display your image sequence like plane, I used a cylinder. You may find that you will have to adjust the uvmap so you Image sequence is not distorted.  When you come come to render use mental ray and turn on Raytracing.

So that the object does not render out select the object and in the attributes under render stats turn off the appropriate as show in the pic.

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