Subliminal Revealing of Products

Financial reports for Nintendo haven’t looked too good the first quarter of this year, especially after the the Wii U was announce, share prices dropped dramatical. States ‘The company posted a loss of ¥48.3 billion (almost $623 million) for the nine months ended in December. This is compared to a profit of ¥49.6 billion (just over $639 million) in the same period the year previously.’  So with this information to hand why do we keep hearing reports of different sources reporting that Microsoft is deciding to add a screen to there controller?

Now with the reports of financial losses you would not think the intelligent people at Microsoft would follow the same path, or would you? Well the games company is at its most prosperous that is has been in many years, so it is not the fact that people are not interested in games why the Wii U hasn’t been a success yet so maybe Microsoft think it may be because of another reason perhaps.

At this current time Microsoft has the upper hand in the gaming market, so even if they were to brig out another console right now they now they could bag some sales off of it, but with every company they are thinking about a product to invest in. So Maybe Microsoft think the tablet on the controller is a great Idea as this could open up more possibilities, but they believe it was Nintendo Marketing that let them down. Well one good way to see if they audiences have any opinions on the matter, as with the success of the Kinect people will have more faith in Microsoft to come up with a better product, would be to send a simple rummer round and see what all the feedback is from all these different sites. If the feedback sounds very positive then maybe progress further, it it is very negative then well it was just a silly rummer that has not harmed the reputation of the company.

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