Innovating Technologies

Now recently Nintendo announced its new console and it has seen mixed reviews so far as many people are sceptical about what this new concept could bring to the gaming world. What could have been Nintendo biggest down fall in this revelling of their new console that has had their share prices drop. In all the videos I have seen there is no problem with the innovating technologies, I would say they have It on par with Microsoft, and the Tablet system has really taken off over the last few years. Nintendo is marketing this new controller more for what it will bring to gaming than all the other possibility it possesses, now this seems to be the biggest down fall, as Nintendo doesn’t have the games developed to keep people turning on the console.

Now this could be very disappointing as technologies only get better if people buy them and the money that comes from people buying them, is then invested into making them better. Take the Television if people thought it was a stupid product to buy when it came out then it would not have been developed to the stage it is at now, and look how much we all love the technology of the television and how it has become a part of out culture and lives. If people make assumptions that this product is not good then I think we could be cutter ourselves short here. Nintendo have a great product here but the one thing that is going to make it a success is what they do with it.

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