Simple Bump Mapping In Maya

Today I found out how to bump map in Maya, this is a very simple way of giving your texture that little bit of extra detail. You will often see this technique used in top Xbox 360 games such as Call of Duty, this makes a flat texture look more detailed then it is without using more geometry.

Here is a screen shot of Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, on the wall to the left it is clear that bump mapping has been used.

Step 1. First of all open your Image in photoshop.

Step 2. Desaturate your image so it is grayscale, the white will look like it is sticking out and the black will look like it is indented, 50% gray will be flat.

Step 3. In the Hypershader in Maya create a new Blinn or Lambert and all the coloured version of the image on the colour and the Gray scale on the Bit Map.

Here is a comparison of the image without the bitmap.

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