Lesson 4(Sound In Films)

When film first started using sound many people were skeptical, this is most likely because it is  new medium and they are scared it will be used correctly.

Eisenstein was around at the time when sound was first being used and he argued that everyone is using sound wrong, and that films strength is in its montage. He thought that sound would threaten film as a media and all of its achievements will also be threatened as film would no longer be film. His view was film itself was an art form and working with visuals has a powerful effect, but what he has not considered it that sound could enhance the visuals.

Bela Balazs was a person who was very enthusiastic about sound in films and it can enhance such things as the micro visuals or setting off our micro-physiononomy (our small expectations), looking in hindsight lots of horror films use such techniques. In fact all the things Bela Balazs states  such as sound influencing emotion, making film more natural are all true they all do exist today in modern-day cinema.

Both points of view are valid as for Eisenstein sound is changing film and film is no longer as her knows it, but he can not see that film is just expending, just the same as the still  image turned into the moving image. Bela Balazs also has a valid point as the silent film for him is now just a genre of film and film is now becoming every more immersive, but he can not see that silent film to some people is film and film with sound is something completely different.

How sound is used in modern-day films to create effects like emotion -Wall-E :

The main character in Wall-E has no speech so to emphasise his emotions sound is used, fundamentally it is still made in the same way it was 150 years ago. Sound in modern films is not about recording a sound it has turned more into business as copyright and ethical issues now have to be thought about first.

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