Up and Comeing Festivils

One for us if we decided to start our business and would like to know about future trends would be ‘The Media Festival’ this is located in Manchester.


  1. The media business is changing! Hear the market leaders’ view on the future evolution of the sector. How should you position your business to succeed in the new industry landscape?
  2. Who are the future commissioners of content? Meet the brands, broadcasters and agencies holding the purse strings. Gain essential insights into striking the right balance between creativity and bankability!
  3. Identifying the opportunities afforded by next generation platforms – Examine how innovation in cross-platform content can drive revenue and develop winning brands.
  4. What are the enduring trends in broadcast and digital media? Understand the implications of the iPad age: what do you need to know about consumer trends and how can you make the most of the next game-changer?
  5. Contacts are King! The Media Festival is the only event that brings together the business and creative minds from the broadcast and digital media worlds. With enhanced networking opportunities at the 2011 event, you will have every opportunity to catch-up with industry colleagues, establish new partnerships and target new prospects.


Also when looking for festivals there seems to be a festival for each city or area, trying to publicize how they are the leaders in film in that are. So for them to do this I would suspect there to be local Media businesses.


CGI Festival


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