Advertisement Games (Adver-gaming)

Within this modern world we are seeing more and more technologies being invented and advancing opening new opportunities for how they are use. One big trend we are seing now is Adver-gaming , this is were companies use games to advertise there product.


In the 1960’s there were only really three ways an advertisement could be used to comunicate with the audience.

– Above the line : Tv/ Radio

-Bellow the Line: Events/ Roadshows

-Through the Line: Viral getting the public to advertise for you e.g word of mouth.


Now there are many more ways to advertise social networks, games ect. In this blogpost I am going to look at game advertising.

-Above the Line: Game made so you play the game which will be connected to the product eg on there website.

-Bellow the Line: The games are just normal games not intended for advertising but companies pay for there product to be in the games.

-Though the Line: Subliminal websites in games that make you curious to viset.

Above the Line Examples.

Above the Line games are often sticky games that keep you on the website for longer, or take you to the website to play the game.

Bellow the Line Examples.

This is were the game is intended to be a normal game but there are a few advertisements in there, like a bilbourd in a virtual world.

Though the Line Examples.

Extensive research has found subliminal advertising to be more effective then normal advertising as people as a whole are very curious.

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