Multiple Uv Maps (Maya)

Here I am going to explain basic UV mapping using one UV map to map several objects. The advantage of this is you will only have to upload one image so it will save space and will keep your files a little more organised.

First off we need our multiple geomatry.

Simply select each object uv individually, as there are only 4 objects for this demo I have scaled each one then placed it in all 4 corners.

Then select all the objects to select all the Uv’s, scale the Uv’s and place them in the top right as this is the only place that the Uv’s work.

 Take a Uv snap shot like you would a normal shape and open it up in Photoshop.

Colour them just like you would with one.

Just like before create a Lambert in the Hypershader and upload the image, and to place it on all the objects. Select all the objects and assign the Lambert to selected.

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