Basic uv mapping

Uv mapping is basically that all shapes have a net so if a squire was squashed and you were able to see all the sides this would be the new.

To see a shapes Uv map just click on the shape go to Window > UV editor and if you click polygons and go to Uv snapshot make one and save it out as it can be edited in Photoshop.

Here is the edited UV in Photoshop simply save this out as a J-peg.

The Uv is placed on the shape like a colour is done thought the hypershader, I don’t know if I will be using this technique for simple shapes as the bump mapping in Unity looks very effective.

Here is my characters shield, it is more complexed than a cube so to create the UV map for this way a little more complicated than just selecting it.

Here I have started to colour the UV map in by photo manipulating images, Here I can add texture’s to created details so it does not have to be modeled in with polygons.

Here we can see that the texture has been successful, one good thing about texturing in maya also is that if I decide that I am not fully happy with the image I can just change the image in photoshop and then  save it again and it will update in maya with no hassel.

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