Basic Joints (Maya)

As I am creating a character we have been leaning about joints.

First of all we need our shape which would be an arm ect but her I am just using a cylinder.

 First we need to select our joint tool with the animation tool set selected we need to go skeleton >joint. In our arm we have three joints one at the top are elbow and one for the hand place these in.

To join them together you have to go to Skin>bind skin > Smooth bind this makes the geometry bendable what the joint is selected.

To make a more smooth and humanistic bend then a IK handel should be added go to Sketeton > Ik handle and then select the top joint and the bottom joint.

So that there is somthing for you to control the bend you can have draw a ep curve and Higharchy with the joint with the Ep curve, for more of a visual control.

Here it is with a more of a visual aid for moving it.

Here is a Character I have modelled and you are able to see how affective the joints tool can be for animation, this now gives me full control over my model.

The bones tool are not perfect as the do not know how much of the geometry it should effect, the weight painting tool allows you to Paint on the area you which to be effected by the joint giving more control.

My character has a old style skirt he will be wearing, and  after looking at some of the other models in the class I am not shore of why I did not just model them as one object. So now I then had the problem of how would move my model and the skirt together creating a convincing piece of clothing. Both pieces of geometry together but once I moved the leg it made it go really deformed  so this was no use, an alternative method I used just out of change was to bind the old skeleton with the new geometry. I did not use this at first as I thought that the old geometry would ghost through, just out of chance it works perfectly.

There was a slight deform with the geometry but the weight painting sorted this out will no problems, I may try to adopt this technique for the cape.

I would have liked to expand more on the dynamics that maya has to offer but after a little 5 minuet dabble I realised this was a bit too ambushes at this stage. Instead seen as I have just leaned about joints I have used these in maya cape and just key frame animated them.

After Trying the Joint tool on the cape and finding it not realistic I decided to learn how to use the ndynamics in Maya, only later learning that they do not work in a game engine.

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