Unity Bump Mapping

First of all to import any thing into unity you have to go Assets > Import Assets.

Simple Texture

 To create a simple texture go Assets > Create Material

For the texture to work once it has been imported, click on the new material drag the image to the top right and then drag the material onto the object. I think this is something I may not use that much as it only seems as if it is for basic shapes and covers the whole shape in the same texture.

A Bump Mapped Texture

For the Bump mapped texture you have to let Unity know what is the raised part and what is the lower part. So in Photoshop with the crate texture the brick part is going to be black an the wood will be white. save the black and white image out as a 24bit Targa file. Import it into Unity.

The black and white image is the bump map, click on it and in the top right there is a drop down box to change it to a normal map.

Just like before move the image to the top right and this time there is going to be another box for the bump map.

This is going to be use full as it could turn bricks or these cobbles and give them more depth but without creating more geometry.

Bump map Selected Shiny areas.

This time were going to do the same as above but this time we are going to make the wood shiny. It works in the same way but in order to tell unity what is shiny we needs to do something to our image in Photo shop.

To do this we are going to create an alpha channel, in the channels box create new channel and past the black and whit image into it. save the image as a32bit targa. The Alpha should be red, import this image into Unity.

Do the same as before but in the shader choose Bump Specular, it is basically the same but it now has a slider to adjust the shininess.

This is my very simple shield for my character that I have made in Maya, as you are able to see by using less polygons it looks very flat. To over come this I am going to experiment with the Bump mapping so the metal sticks out more, also all the shield is shinny and I would only like the metal to be shinny so I will have a little experiment with the Alpha channels method.

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