Introduction to Unity and the Terrain tool.

Unity is a program that is designed not for modelling but for piecing together your modes and placing the sounds and actions that will happen when you play your game.

The Terrain tool

The first thing to do when Unity is to go to Render setting and in the render setting is a panel on the right called Sky box choose a sky box from this menu so it is easier to see what you are doing.

Even the Biggest first person shooter they use a sky box or something similar, all it is is like a dome placed around the leave with a seemliness on it, the top being sky the bottom most likely one colour that fades in to the sky.

Generally you never get to see the merge as there is always a building or something in the way,  you can see more how these work in Call of Duty Black Ops in theatre mode this is most likely what i will be using if my character goes outdoors.In the top right the terrain tool has may options, first of all you need to create a plane that is going to be edited. The First tool rises the terrain; the second is more of a precise highering tool using different paint brushes; the third flattens the plane to the hight of were you are clicking; the fourth lets you add and paint textures; the fifth lets you paint trees so you don’t have to plant the individually, and the sixth lets you paint such items as grass.

Here in this picture you can see that I have use a texture to cover the terrain so it looks more realistic, but it all still looks a bit too similar.

With the texture tool you are able to apply the base texture and use an array of brushes to paint on the next texture giving you a lot more control. this could be use for snow on top of a mountain ect. Unity has some very useful basic assists like this water, this could same you a lot of time so you dont have to create your own. Maybe if its is just water in the distance you may use this as close up it may look like every one else’s water that have use unity.

One excellent thing you are able to do is import anything you create in Maya straight into Unity, so most of my models will be made in Maya. Here I had a little practice with a model form another thing I did, also combining this with the other tools you may be able to make your own trees ect.

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