Character sheet

Name: Tyrren
Physical Description
 Middle aged person, descents from the native Britons trying to defend their villages from the Anglos and Saxons.  Middle-aged man, this means he is quite intelligent coming up with potions and gadgets to help him. Looking like a “dark” Robin Hood, bow and arrow, cape, home made cloths, boots and potions belt.
Character Traits
 Vigilantly type character, very secretive, never stays around for long. Never seen socializing, nobody knows who he is. The character archetypes that he would come under would be a rogue hero.  He knows of what good is but does not go about it in his own way; he has his own story he has to follow but cant leave some that needs help.
Character Background
 Comes from a town called Penrith on the edge of the old Briton and the top of angles Briton. His village was always on the constant verge of attack from the Anglos and has seen many evil things happen, as his villages struggle to keep the Anglos at bay.  He was brought up by his mother and was educated by his librarian/magician teacher.His teacher told him of the Roman and the Greek empire and them before of how they came to be so powerful. A story told by his teacher that the old ancient god of war wrote book for the first Egyptian god full of new designs for weaponry, potions and war tack ticks that would help him create an empire in return for his first bourn daughter. The book bing full of such information had to be kept a secret but as it was so was its whereabouts and who possessed it. With the next empire that got hold of it were the Greeks but now the book was only known by a few people, taken from the Egyptians by a small group of assassins. The book being lost a battle fell into the hands of the Romans killing off the Greek empire, but the book brought great misery and bad look to the Roman people with illness amongst other things, so the empire thought the book had been cursed so ordered it to be destroyed.There was a curse on the book put on by the god of war for his own amusement, that if the book should be used as it was intended to create invention for greed or to conquer that it would bring darkness to the bearer of it, unless it was used for a good purpose this would not happen but as the temptation for power is so great this is likely not to happen.

Tyrren has herd that the tomb of the first Egyptian emperor has it printed on his walls but as the empire has been gone for may years it has been forgotten about and know one can translate it even if they knew of it .

Family Background Habits/Vices
 Lived with his mother in England.Farther died fighting for Romans.Mother is a wheat farmer.   Estranging people thinking he does not need anyone’s help. 
Education Personality
 Educated by a local librarian, scientist.Works as a blacksmith as a boy.   Mysterious.Does not show his emotions.
Likes Dislikes
 Working as a type of vigilantly, mercenary.Works alone.  Saving people.Help from people.
What is their goal? Their plan to achieve goal
 To do tasks for people eg. Get rid of the people that have come and are casing havoc in my village.  Creating new weapons to help him do his job.


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