Lesson 3 (How Comics Work)

  • Scott McClowed  First started looking at how comics were traditional made.
  • Early comics were just wordless novels.
What is a comic?
  • Images in a deliberate sequence to convey information.
  • The arrangement of art and balloons in a sequence
  • Pictorial narrative were the words add to the meaning.
Comics have al sorts of layers from realistic to cartoon.
  • Sometimes in order to convey a story it does not have to be realistic as cartoon characters may be easier to show emotion though.
  • Comic may have had a influence on how information on our TV screens are shown now as we have show that we can understand lots of information in one box.
  • Comics have a close relation to film in the shot compassion, close ups ect.
  •  they often show minimal to save time e.g instead of showing a full tree just show the steam.
  • The communication theory the problem of getting information to another person, your message and know if they have under stud.
The History of comics.
  • In 1930 it was the star of transferable media with characters such as Popeye were going from comic to animation.
  • The first colour printing was very crud so they many characters used to have simple bright coloured clothing , the could be the start of the super hero uniform later.
  • In 1939 the super hero became more popular, also becoming more popular during the war as often such super hero’s were seen to be fighting Hitler. They were almost being loyal to the American way with such characters as Captin America.
  • At the end of the end of world war two the super hero character had become a little over played and people did not want this any more and sales began to fall.
  • To stop this the age rang of comics were change trying to bring in other audiences, with comic book writers indulging in other storeys such as horror and detective.
  • The american government did not like this as comic books often mad fun of Political people, this was also the high of the cold war and they were scared of the concept of the communist way of life. They did not want it to effect the American way of life so they bean to sensor comics.
  • Comic characters bean to be suttled sown and started showing the great way of the American life.
  • All the DC characters became boring and sales began to fall.
  • In the 1960 underground comic makers began to make there own comics unknown to the government so they could not be censored.
  • With the change of technologies comics and the way comics were designed was changing.
  • As DC and Marvel dominated the comic industry by about 80% with there super hero comics the under ground comic writers that were not censored began to find a niche in the market and started writing about other things such as the conflict between ideas.
  • Ghost world comic was not about super heroes stuff it was about real life issues.
Comics In Europe.
  • Tin tin and other comics in Europe did not have the influence of America and were often very serious.
  • They were not called comics as the word comic depicted them to be humours, they were called picture strips.
  • After the second world war the French had American influence and often used the hero concept.
  • As the French comic were aimed at adult a lot of intellectuals were reading them, so some of the comics were turned into films.
  • The talked about the concept the fourth wall.
To summarise post modernism has allowed character development to come from all different places, the old super hero character is no the only one being developed so there are more trans-media characters.
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