What Makes a Good Character?

Character development:

  • Realising the Purpose of the character e.g. is it for a Game, Film, is it a Horror ect.
  • Creating a story for the character to fit in.
  • Relising their strenghts and weaknesses as this could be usein the story e.g. – classic narrative structure.
  • After we realised these factors we have more of an idea of the Physical appearance.
Identification – Characters a audience can relate with really come to life.
Symbolism – If the character is uncomfortable with there hight they might have high heals etc.
Humour – We all like things that make us laugh.
Imagination – Awake peoples imagination, so the audience feels some anticipation
Reference – Once you are familiarly with your character do some research.
Sketch and Sculpt – Do some sketches so you are able to get a finalised image.
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