Lesson 2 (McLuhan and Fiore – The Medium is the Massage)

What does he say in this book?

  • The designer of the book designs the layout of how it wil be read the writer has no involvement.
  • Media is based on that Humans just like to communicate.
  • Media changes the way we think is things like elections, as they can present a image of someone.
  • It has change the life style we live with fast finger TV diner food.
  • People gathering round TV instead of fire.
  • There is this thing now called The Absent Presence – people are so far away eg. in a other country but they are so close because of things called Skype, Facebook.
  • Kid seem not to be growing up – now kids get pocket money, educating is extended.
  • There is a grater choise of music because it is more accessible – eg. Itune and we dont just have to listen to the radio.
  • We are now becoming more isolated from everyone, with our portable devices.
  • Bering in mind he is talking from the point of veiw of the 1960’s he thinks that young people are communicating though music and that old people are feeling threatened, as young kids befor were just seen and not heard but now they are starting to get jobs and a voice.
  • That we are going to live in a global village were everyone knows everyone’s business regardless of distance.
To sum up this book it is very detailed in what he is saying, with very accurate predictions to say he wrote it in the 1960’s and the computer age may not have even gone mainstream.
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