Lesson 2 ( Deleuze and Guattari)

This is a book wrote by a philosopher and a psychologist to give two views on new media and its effect on the world.

  • New Media cause’s us to have a slight case of schizophrenia as we have to act out more than one person –  we one identity on facebook – one with our parents – and with the advatising people who kep telling on how we should look, act and feel making us try and live up to expectations.
  • So then we feel we can not be ourselves and worrier about how people precise us.
  • They talk about that there is so much information out there how do we know what to think of it all, hard to have just one way of thinking.
  • Theory’s are Power structure, to try and get you to think like other people, maybe to be controlled – this way is right.
  • That there ins’t a limit to what we can think.
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