Lesson 1(how to gain marks)

  • Take Notes and attend all lessons 40% (Pass).
  • Do all exercises.
  • The SA– We need to show how to create an argument eg. different lenses make for a different interpretation of a story.
  • Our privet Blog can be made public for future employers to look at and see my public face.
  • Our tutor also has  Blog – ( http://www.contextualandtheoreticalstudies.blogspot.com).
  • First media was Vocal communication – first story  of how we live our lives.
  • Life storeys start every day, get up catch bus ect.
  • Performance Theory –  Act out are own lives.  Student me, work me, go out with mates crazy me.
  • Migratory character – The Hero?
  • When the media changes it can change the content.
  • Books can be interpreted in many different ways, protestants not wanting to be told how the bible should be translated and translate it for themselves.
  • Marshall McLuhan – Media is the message.
  • How sound changes film.
  • Relation ship with the screen eg. ipod cutting off from the rest of the world. Can a small screen still be Imersive.
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