More Initial Reference Images

For our design we were looking at having our creatures as half human half alien as if they were some kind of mutants.

We decided on a basic story they would have a higherarchy, King, Queen right down to the smaller soldier creatures just like with real life ants.

To get a better Idea of what the mountains looked like went and found some artwork that had already been created for the book like the book cover and fan artwork.

This a drawing for a fan of the book draw very accurately from the description in the book itself, we are actually doing the sunken temple which is the inside of the mountains so this could be used for a reference to style.

This is the type of organic we are looking to achieve the nature of the plant and the intelligence of the metal and glass.

With our build being a sunken temple we automatically assumed that it would be under water so this is the first step were we looked for inspiration.

We were very determined to get the texturing of our avatars correct, we were debating whether to have a cyborg looking creature to show intelligence .

As we were thinking of having our our temple under water we we trying to figure our how a avatar could enter the temple, we started looking at things like the lost city of Atlantis for entrences.

As this is an alien scene we wanted to have some random creepy things to add more detail to the environment, as this things are aliens we are not ment to quite understand what they are.

This is an underwater/underground temple so we we researched more into how it could be structurally, so we looked at old caves and mines. As they are not a key feature but we spent some time researching into the other objects the avatar may use like husky dogs.

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