Adding Detail

To make ours more of a game environment and to give it more of a dramatic feel rather then just running round aimlessly, we wanted to created more detail and interaction. Also this will also help with us out when we come to shoot our cinematic as it will give more focal points.

This is basically our finish product At first they were just some spinning blades that we put there as traps to give siome interaction, also this show that we were using some of the script that we have been shown in class. This didn’t fell like we had pushed our bounders far enough and this part of the maze uses five of the things we have been shown to do all collaborated into this one event. First of all the bladed are textured, we have a rotation on the blades, there is a partial script, and invisible texture on a prime the particle script is attached to and also sound.

For this to happen when we wanted it to there are different scripts you are able to but onto the the prim, the particles are on a collision script and the sound is on a collision script so when you enter the object it loops the sound. Now when you enter the object it begins to loop the sound, but even when you leave the object it still loops the sound, so I had to find a stop sound script to put on the collision end of the object which took some time to find. Also I recorded the sound myself for this interaction and edited it in Adobe sound booth.

This is the particle I created in Illastartor that we used for the blood.

This is the scrip that has been put onto the invisible prim to cause the interaction.

I have used sound a lot in our build there are a few screen shots of what sound is on bellow. We have put sound on the dripping blood, the spinning blades this was also recorded and edited by us, on the water fall, the flame in the maze, and on an invisible prim were the eggs are to give effect when discovering the eggs and also on an invisible prim outside for the wind.

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