Particle Script and Water Fall

To add some detail to our sunken temple I created a waterfall, I used the moving texture script. The texture has a alpha channel on it so it looks less square, I repeated this with three similar textures to give the water fall more depth and different shades of colour. On the primitive shapes you are able to select each individual face and apply a separate texture to each, By doing this I could add a transparency to the other faces to stop the waterfall looking like a cube.

When creating the water fall I came across one of the problems of modelling in second life, I wanted the water to be falling at an angle, but a cube when tapered on one side makes the other side smaller rather then having controll of both sides separably. In the end I made the rock it was coming off straight and the problem was over come, but this could posse a problem in other situations.

Once the water fall was made I attempted to cover up some of the joining lines by trying to create a texture animation for the sprays of water at the bottom of the water fall. This was very ineffective and we needed a more realistic way of doing this.

 I had notice Anna-Beth ha a water fall in her sunken temple so I when and visited this to get an idea of the best way to construct ours.

Particle System

We strugele for a while trying to find the best way to produce steam,smoke ect, then we were informed there was a script that could assist us. The script basically releases a 2-d image from a point and the script allows you to control how it does this, by how frequent and how many time ect. We found this very effective, we used it for our waterfall and are going to adapt this script for fog.

To make the script work you have to create a prim for the script to go on to, once the script is on the prim it will let out default particle. If you make it spit out particles at a faster rate and tweek the transparencey it gives a very convincing smoke effect. Here I used a texture with an alpha channel to create my own particle I drew in Photoshop.

The particle effect is very diverse as it is controlled by a script that makes it possible to change its attributes, here I have use the same particle that I used for the waterfall steam but I made it so there was an acting force pulling it upwards to give the representation of smoke.

This i the flame with the partical script and also a sound script for grater realism.

This is another way we have used the partical script, similar to how the fire works there is a partical script on a cube throwing a custom made snow partical down to the floor, this prim was the duplacate to create more volume, this gives the effect of snow fallig.

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