Using Script in Second Life

As with most game engines you are able to script them to create actions, here I have put together a windmill turbine, I have linked the object together with the centre piece being the parent object.  By right cliging and editing the object there is a option in the contents tab to add script, I have added a script telling this object to rotate at a certain axe’s.

Moving Texture

This object is one example for the use of seamless textures, I have just added a script in the same way I did with the last object, but this time it is the texture that is moving over the face repeatedly. As you can see this is good for the use of moving water.

Animated Texture

On this object is another texture scripting, I first created a texture in Photoshop. the texture is 4 images on one image, the image is divided into 4 with a separate image in each section, now we no about alpha channels we are able to make textures with transparency . The code plays though the images like frames on the texture of the object.

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