Importing form Maya

As you will know second life allows you to be able to create three dimensional basic primitive geometry, such as Cubes, tubes and  torus’s ect. It also allows basic modification of these objects which can be adequate, if you are a casual user.


Some users wish to be more unique and individual with there creations and if they are using the standard Second Life modelling tools then they will be restricted, as will all users so many thing will look very similar in shape. This is where Maya comes in using a third party script we are able to export a three dimensional object and turn it into a jpeg flat image that is multi coloured, this is then mathematically translated back into a three dimensional object in second life. Here is step one I have created a 3D balloon in Maya. (A nurb prim has to be 16*16  and a polly prim has to be 32*31)

The second Step is to copy and paste the third party script into the script editor.

The script creates a button, once the button has been created you select the object , select were you want it to be save and what format.

The the dimensional object is then turned in to a two dimensional image that is then mathematically translated in Second Life.

This is it now in Second Life.

Now we are able to import objects from Maya we are not limited in what we can create, now how can we use this for our advantage. as we are not limited we are able to create a limitless amount of different shaped objects with the help from the power of Maya.

Attaching to avatar

Here I have though of a way that we may use Maya to create our Avatar creatures, as all the Avatars have attachment points we could model fake arms, extra arms and then attach them to the Avatar to create a mystical monster.

Now taking this idea of add extra parts to an avatar, we have create a alien in second life and attached it to the torso of our avatar. In our build we have a limit to 1500 primitives but any that are connected to the avatar do not count towards this, so our alien can be as detailed as we would like.

Creating in Maya

As second life is very limited in its modelling capability I made the walls and the roof of the maze in maya, to give a more organic feel.

Adding detail

Now using the Maya modelling allows us to create more natural shapes here I have started to create a pool of Slime to go under the dripping ceiling, at first was going to use a texture and Alfa channel similar to how I created the map on the floor. This time though I wanted to create some depth as water builds up.

Here is the pool of blood when it was finished, I made it slightly transparent like liquid is in real life.

When we first made the cave I made a rock like shape for the roof so that it looked less squire, This is just that shape used again but with a different texture applied to it. Here I have used two of the techniques that I have already demonstrated,  I have used the Maya modelling and also I have added I particle effect so that I particle I have made looks like it is dripping from the blood, I change some of the particle script for it to do this.

Here is the finished particle, although we did change the colours to green as we did not see why blood would be dripping from the ceiling.

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