Here we have a very simple way to create clothing textures, they work in a very similar way to how a texture on a cube ect works. The first image is of a template that is the under torso, in this tutorial I  just placed a picture of a t-shirt on the front template, the back and both arms. I then made the background transparent and saved it as a targa file in 32bit. You upload this file as you would a texture and you are able to preview it before you upload it on your avatar.

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Now we know this simple process of texturing (clothing) an Avatar, the question is now how can I use this? or even How Can I develop this process even further?

I now know that if I take an image of a T-Shirt I can use this to texture my Avatar, now if I can take a custom image it will also be possible to use this to create clothing textures for my Avatar as long as I keep within the bounderarys of the template guide. So If I can use any image then I could some scale and have them as a skin Texture for my Avataor I could take A custom Picture of a T-shirt and have the Avatar wearing my own cloths.

In the  Slide show I have started experimenting with the clothing texture facility and used a random image from Google, I then uploaded it using the process above. I then used the preview option  to se what it would look like on my Avatar as you are able to see there are some seem line that are showing this is just a case of editing it it Photoshop, then previewing it  editing it until it is perfect.

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