There are many way in wich a texture can be created, there is a whole industry out there for creating textures, they are the eliminate that could create or break a design. In this texture I offset the original picture then use the clone stamp tool to get rid of the seem lines.

For this texture i found that the Clone stamp left some blurred areas so for this one I copied the image then offset the top layer, after this I used the masking tool to delete the top layer to get rid of the seem lines.

For this texture the white areas are invisible when it is imported into second life. First I deleted the window area, then selected the pixels, then created a alpha channel and finally saved it as a targa file in 32bit.

Using transparent Textues

Now we know how to make textures this is were we can now use them in our environment, we will then experimenting with the texturing to gain a better understanding of the texturing processes and advantages to help develop and find new ways in which we can use textures. Above I have made a seamless texture of a chain, making shore both end match up, I then made the background a alpha channel to make it transparent giving the imprecation of a chain.

I first got the Idea to create the chain this way as I had seen the same principal being using in old PlayStation one game’s, they did this as it was not primitive heavy so the console did not have to render lots at once. Now this method is ok but close up it does look very cheap and very poor graphically. we had enough prims left so we made the final chain out of dough nut shaped prims. Although we did not end up using this method we have now found a new method of texturing and it may be use full in another instance.

Texture are very diverse in that there purpose is not always just to be used to texture a rock or a building so it looks realistic and actually looks like a rock, they can be used for may other things. Here I have used the floor plan of the maze I used to assist me when making it in Second life as a texture on one of the face’s of a cube. This gives the impression that it is paper, I have used this map texture to give the player some indication of where the exit is, also we can use this in our animatic to create a little more storey.

This is a very inventive way in which we have used a custom texture and the rotation script, her we have put a custom texture on to a prim and then added a rotation script to it giving it a illution of fog moving about.

Here we have created a lantain and place an animation texture on a prim inside it.

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