Copy Right

Copy right is a way set in place in many countries to protect peoples intellectual property or a creation of the mind, these can include publications such as book; visual performance (screen play script); Sound recording any reference to audio that is original and created by you; documents such as scientific formulas; pieces of work such as photographs illustrations basically it is any thing that is created by you and is original.

This protects your work from other people calming that it is theirs; it stops them using it to make a profitable gain and you have all rights to who and how it can be used. As it is law people think that to get a piece of their work copy righted they have to register it or pay, well this is not true if you create a piece of work you have the right for it to be protected under the copy right law. The only thing that you have to be able to do is to be able to prove that you made it first and if you are able to do this your work is safe, this can be done by getting it date stamped from a bank ect.

As with all property it can be sold, so the person who you sell it to, then own the right to the work. It can also be Licences for someone else to use your work, which you agree for a fee.

There is also something called copy left were you are basically stating that know one has the rights to the work you have created,but it can be used by anyone for free. All they can only use it under the restrictions you set out, It can not be used to make a profit but it can be used for non profitable reasons as long as your credited somehow.

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