Market Research

As with all companies it is vital they research about there audiences, as with films it is essential that you meet the audience’s expectations. To do this many film makes have to do market research as just like any other product it is necessary to know about the current trends within the film world; this is known as market research

 This is where companies gather information about various things such as customer demand, what competitors have to offer and market trends. It helps the business create a business plan where they can establish the aims and objective to foresee their desired out come. Not only does it show market trend but it also helps find target audiences as there may only release a product in specific areas as this is likely were the most units will be sold. This could be due to budgets and how much of the profits have been used on other things such as advertising.

Before you are able to place your product on the market you need to know a little bit about you consumer to utilise and see your products potential.


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