Heroes is a quite sci-fi type of series with a much like comic book style story, with the good and the bad aspect there but often hard to figure which is which.



Heroe’s session starts and at first everything is irrelevant to the main story; this gets you interested and hooked. It show the character as they find there powers and how they begin to overcome they new reality they face, this opens the possibility of many different plots keeping you hooked. There are many different stores going on at the same time with different characters and it show how they all intertwined and come together to make up the one main plot, this gives many different points of view of the main story itself. It also keeps showing us things from the future which seem to leading the character to play there role in the plot, the actual characters trying to save the world is kind of the main reason the world is in trouble so it has lost of twist to keep you entertained.

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