Dater Gathering Agency

Dater gathering agencies

These are set up to give an accurate indication of the amount of people viewing particular programs at any given time. This can provided an accurate figure of which program has the biggest audiences so advertising agencies can know when there advertisement will be most viewed, this is were the channel makes money form airtime trading. One of the main dater gathering agency is BARB it is own by the BBC, ITV, channel 4, Channel 5 and Bskyb.

BARB ( Broadcaster’s Audience Research Board) is an organisation that provides the figures of in-home TV viewing for the whole of theUK. BARB was created to replace the system that the BBC and ITV were using were they come up with there own figures, the new system is run by a lot more companies giving more accurate figures. It is owned by the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Five, Sky and theInstituteofPractitionersin Advertising. How it works is it does not count the programs that everyone watches only certain households participate. There will be about 5,000 in theUkan each of them will have a box on or near there TV which will track the programs they watch, this is then used as an estimate form the whole country.

RAJAR stands for (Radio Joint Audience Research) This is the current official body in charge of measuring the figures for the radio audiences within theUK. It was created in 1992 as the single system to measure audiences in theUK. It is owned By the BBC and the Radio Centre, before this was create the BBC and the Radio Centre carried out there own independent Figures. To come up with these figures RAJAR conducts extensive tests, these test were conducted on any electrical devise that could capture sound. RAJAR was not a hundred percent satisfied that the devices and the method used were accurate. In 2007 BARB and RAJAR combined together to establish a more sufficient electronic measurement panel, they wanted to be able to further there abilities to be able to capture radio and TV viewing.

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