Audience Theories

Audience theories –

Hypodermic needle theory – The theory which is often know as the  ‘magic bullet perspective’ illustrates that the media has a direct influence on the public and can have direct control over the publics actions. In the game ‘Need for speed underground two’ there were signs telling people to join the Royal Navy, when choosing a career path and you see job opportunities at the nave it will not seem so alien to you as you have herd about it. You will find that the media has an authority over us and we tend to look up to figures with high status an they are more believable because they seem older and wiser.

An more famous example would be the ‘war of the worlds’ broadcast in 1938, on the eve of Halloween, a radio program was interrupted with a new bulletin. People were told that Martians had begun an invasion of Earth in a place called Grover’s Mill,New Jersey. Out of the 12 million who heard it about one million people acted on it

People fled their city homes to seek shelter in more rural areas, but would have know no different because they at the time could not prove the broadcast wrong.

Progragand – This is where the media can be used to create an image for such things as politic parties. Often these are the key elements that will win an election, as many people will not see the person in real like this is the only way they can see them.

Stimulus response theories – These are that advertisements what consumers to buy there produce so they use popular songs or celebrates to help sell their product.  There are some regards to health when advertising products that need to be addressed, for example the advertising of smoking was band as it promoted smoking which coz the NHS thousands on treatments and was encouraging people to smoke.

So taking this into account this can be used for good and bad if it can be used to promote smoking and alcohol could it be used to encourage positive things? Well recently the DVLA have made advertisement to persuade people to slow down and charities use it to enlighten people on the starvation in other counters.

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