Dooms Day (2009)

Film – Doomsday 2008

It has all the generic codes of a film with a beginning middle and end, it has a standard length of around two hours and for a horror film is quite scary at times.


The story is set in modem day Great Britain where there is an outbreak of a virus called the ‘Reaper’ virus in Glasgow Scotland. The government respond by sealing of the whole of Scotland behind a giant wall, leaving people to fend for themselves. As Scotland is a no-go quarantined zone it is soon forgotten about. Twenty-five years pass, and then another case of the Reaper virus turn up in London, a small military team is sent to Scotland to find any survivors and to recover a cure.

The film touches on such as social depravation, rape, murder, cannibalism and corruption. It shows how people would survive in desperate situations, as some returned to medieval life and others became out laws.  It also shows how greed can corrupt people and not take value in the important things in life, as an out brake in London makes one man use this to his advantage.  He traps everyone in the centre of London and waits till they are on the edge of desperation then decides he will introduce a cure, to then look like a hero.

The thing I did not like about this film is started as a horror film and then ended up more an action thriller with a faster pase.

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