The basic plot is Edward Morra is a writer living in New York and has been dumped by his girl friend because he is basically a wast of space, he has also missed the dead line of his new book so all the time he has being sat in his room writing he has basically achieved nothing.  The brother of his ex wife is a drug dealer who he bumps into on the street he offers him to try this new drug as it could change his life around.  he becomes addicted to this new drug now he has started taking it he has manage to nearly finish his new book in a day he starts running little errons to get more and more as this drug seems to open up the part of his brain he never used before making him be able to achieve so much more. what he doesn’t know is there is only a limited supple and he inst the only one who has a taste for the drug.

Limitless is a film that plays on the unknown it has a very liner story line that keeps you watch as you want to know what happens next, as Edward gets himself into some complexed situations you carnt figure out how he is going to survive. one thing i will praise this film for is it is one of the most cinematic film I have seen in a while with some extensive camera tricks.

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