Fake Previews

One of the most exciting things that I find makes a film more successful is the the build up to the film being realised. Some  film you hardly even hear about before you know it there on at the cinemas, on DVD and than forgotten about. I feel people are more inclined to go see a film more if there is this big exciting build up to the film coming out, making it seem as if you have to see it. I think this is a phyco-logical method the advertisers use to get us to come watch the film, as they play on the human instinct of discovery and how we are intrigued to find out the unknown.

When a film is taking a long time to be release like Jurassic Park 4 and as a very big and eager fan I want the film to be released of for there to be some evidence of the film to have started production. When you are a fan you really want another film to for fill  you inner addiction to the film but when you look for some evidence and you just fin other eager fans making fake trailers this is quite annoying. It is annoying because as a fan you want hard evidence that there is going to be another film and when you see these bedroom made trailer it dis heartens you into feeling there may not even be making another film.

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