Jurassic Park IV

In June of 2002  Steven Spielberg told Starlog Magazine that he does plan to produce The next Jurassic Park and Joe Johnston would direct it. William Monahan was hired in 2002 to write the next sequel in the franchise with the film planed to be release in 2005. In 2003 the first draft was complete, with the story not being set in the jungle and actor Sam Neill was to return as Dr. Alan Grant, in September 2004 screen screen writer John Sayles was set to re-write the script.

In 2005 Palaeontologist Jack Horner and Special effects artist Stan Winston was to return to help with the sequel, they also explained that the film was being delayed because Steven Spielberg was not happy with the script.

In November 2009 Joe Jonston discussed the possibility that Jurassic parks script was totally different and that it would start the way for another trilogy. In 2010 a Studio Tour at Universal Studios has confirmed that Jurassic park 4 may be in production.

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