Film Used For a Course. (Rain Man)

People see making a film as a business, they do it for there jobs and it puts them food on the table and often fast cars in there garages. Film its self now has such a gripping effect on the audience it is one of the most influential things things that exists to day. If you really want to influence someone to act in a way you see fit it can be done by the media of film, the film industry is at the biggest it has ever since it began with 2009 Avatar making profits of  $2,039,472,387 (Worldwide) (31 January 2010). Have you never walked out the cinemas thinking your some sort of special agent after watching James Bond, well the creators of Rain Man saw this as an opertunety to enlighten the world to the very unknown condition of Autism. The film really opened up to the audience and gave them a different and understanding view of the condition.

So this show how films can be used for good as well as profit.

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