Costing of a shot

Ever wondered why it cost so much to make a film, well on fifth gear they got a sneak peak behind the scenes of the James Bond film Casino royal. The scene was just a truck smashing into a bendy bus, sounds simple.? well the front carage of the bus had real people in it so the truck had to hit the exact right spot, the truck was being diven by a real person so it had to be reinforce by an engineer who would not be cheap to call out, the bus had explosives in it to create a more dramatic effect, the bus then had a extra wheel Axel added to it to it would spin on impact and it had a hydrolyic ram attached to it to flip it up in the air at the right moment. Al this took a week to prepare and the button for the explosives and  hydrolics had to be presses and timed by eye so if it went wrong that would be another week to prepared again plus the wages and the rental of the airfield.  It did go wrong the first time and this did prove very costly.

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