The History of 3D animation (Post One Collaboration)

Within the next few blog post I will be researching the history of 3d animation from computer animation to clay stop motion and how it has developed from earlier 2D t0 drawn animation.

Some one has initially invented Animation or we would not have it exists today, or was it the effort of more then one person. We can ask when was animation first in development to become what it is today but after reading the book Group Genius (Keith Sawyer 2007) this book explains something called Invisible collaboration. Creative collaboration is were people work together to create something both developing together, this gives two ways of creating and solving problems that may occur. Invisible collaboration is were someone unknown develops or uses your technologie to create a new or more enhanced tecnologie, A excellent example of invisible collaboration is the internet, the first personal computer were around from the early 70’s wich could do basic word processing. The US government and other third parties were trying to develop a a system that could send information such as messages down a network, to many places and over long distances. The use of phones ment that there has to be a poing to point contact between the two people wanting to call each other, so to call many people there had to be a physical point to point contact between everyone.

The internet was design so there were a fewer points of contact, the computers in one area would connect to one main point and the main point to another main point further away, if the main point is broken it can be redirected.

First it was able to sent messages and as computer became more advance the internet became more advance, it became use by the public and developers found new uses for it such as business web sites that allow you to look at what they sell, youtube were you can share your videos. The collaboration of these technologies have now led to the use of the internet being use within television to watch what you want when you want it.


This brings me Back to animationk a single person may not have invented animation as a whole, but as animation took centuries to develop they may have contributed to the next stages to the animation process. As the first images were produce on early caves, someone then invented the process of creating simple movement; then real movement ect.

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