Critical Analysis of A Animation

Finding Nemo


Finding nemo starts off with a farther and a mother fish living in there coral reef with there 400 or so eggs, a shark attack leaves the farther alone with only one egg left. The farther rases the egg until it is a young fish, as the egg is his only child he is very protective over him. Thats the basic idea of the story is that the farther finds it hard to let go and the child as he has been too protected for so long that he is very ambits to see the open sea. The young fish begins to resent the farther for being so protective, one day the young fish is capture by fishers and then the farther begins his journey to find his spouse.


The farther found it hard to let go of his child and the child wanted to discover the open sea, now it has gone to the extreme the farther ha had his son take away and the son has bee taken far away. I think the main them is is the coming of age and the stresses that all parents have to go through when there child grows up.

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