OUDF103 – Brief History of Flash.

One of the programs used to created animations is Flash. Flash was a program made by an ambitios teenager who started programing on an old apple 2 computer. He started writing games at an early age and had a big hit with a game called dark castle, this payed his way through college. He started writing basic drawing programs like Intellidraw. There were ideas that it would be an investment to create a program that was able to draw on a data tablet,They created a program called smartsketch; with a rival company doing the same thing at the same time and with it failing it did not leave them a very open market. They had lot of people who said they should turn smartsketch into an animations program, with the idea of the internet coming about they thought one day it may be advanced enough to send graphics down it. At the time it had to be done by java script, which at the time was dreadfully slow.  There software was used by Microsoft to create the animation properties of MSN with the new name Future Splash. In 1996 macromedia had herd enough of future splash and decided it would be an investment to work together. The creators of future splash also had another program called future wave which later became Macromedia player 1.0 with future splash  later becoming Flash.


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